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Because Every Child in Los Angeles Deserves Access to a High-Quality Public School


Great Public Schools Now is a California not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring all Los Angeles students receive a high-quality education by accelerating the growth of high-quality public schools.

Today, more than 160,000 students in Los Angeles and surrounding cities attend schools that are failing to provide them with a quality education. Our goal is to help as many students as possible get the education they want, need and deserve by replicating successful public schools, such as charter, magnet, pilot, and Partnership schools, in high-poverty areas of Greater Los Angeles.

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What We Do

We are an independent non-profit organization with the goal of supporting high-quality public schools through grant-making in four areas:

  • Engaging with families to make sure their voices are heard in the school improvement process
  • Supporting the recruitment and development of teachers and school leaders with diverse backgrounds
  • Starting or expanding great public schools including public charter schools and district schools such as magnet programs and pilot schools
  • Providing or subsidizing facilities for high quality public schools

Why Now

88 percent of Los Angeles residents support making sure every student in a district with an underperforming public school has a choice of attending a higher performing public school.

More than 130,000 LAUSD students choose to attend great public magnet and charter schools each year.

More than 41,000 students were on waitlists for public charter schools in the greater Los Angeles area in 2015.

87 percent of Angelenos support reforming the local public school system

* Results based on a telephone poll conducted from September 20 to October 1 of 1,150 voters throughout communities within the Los Angeles Unified School District. The margin of error of the poll was ±2.9 percent


Lisette Duarte

Parent, Partnership to Uplift Communities

“We need to have choices. I am a parent of two children with special needs. One attends a charter high school, and the other attends our Los Angeles neighborhood elementary school. We need as many high quality public schools as possible, because every child has unique needs,” said Lisette Duarte, parent at Partnership to Uplift Communities (PUC Schools). “It’s important to understand the realities that we face. We don’t have as many options as we would like on where to send our children to school. Our zip codes still limit us. That’s why I am grateful for the schools my children attend and want to see more of them.”

Join Us

Because Every Child in Los Angeles Deserves Access to a High-Quality Public School