What is Great Public Schools Now?

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What are the goals of this effort?

Our goal is to dramatically increase the number of high-quality public schools in high need neighborhoods throughout Greater Los Angeles. We want to help as many students as possible get the education they want, need and deserve. We believe that the most effective path to building successful school environments is to focus on the growth and replication of highperforming schools of all types.

Do you have specific goals for the growth of charter enrollment?

Quite simply, no. We do not have any set goals regarding the number of charter schools or number of charter students in Los Angeles. Great Public Schools Now supports the expansion of high-quality choices for students in high need neighborhoods, which includes charter schools as well as many other types of public options. This effort is not committed to a particular percentage nor are we devoted to charters as the only high quality option for students. There are many district schools providing a sound education, as well. We will work to replicate schools that work, regardless of school governance model, curricular design or programmatic focus.

How will this effort achieve its goal of expanding high quality educational options?

Over the past several months, Great Public Schools Now has met with over 50 community organizations and leaders to discuss the effort – and these conversations are far from over. Working with these allies and partners, we have identified four priority areas to help successful schools expand their capacity to serve students in need: (1) community engagement and outreach, (2) support for teachers and leaders in recruitment and training, (3) funding assistance to secure permanent facilities, and (4) school replication grants to fund startup costs for new schools. We believe additional support in these four areas can help expand opportunities for students throughout Greater Los Angeles.

How much money will be spent?

This is a significant effort on behalf of the students of Los Angeles, with generous donations from a variety of foundations and individuals committed to improving educational opportunities for those who need it most. Great Public Schools Now will invest in a number of ways to support the opening of new high-quality public schools in neighborhoods where students aren’t getting the kind of education they deserve.

We are hopeful that we can raise money to help organizations that can help provide Los Angeles K-12 students with a high-quality education. We believe targeted, strategic investments of any amount can result in systemic, positive change.

How will your effort affect LAUSD and District schools?

Great Public Schools Now is eager to support the replication of any proven high-quality public school model, be it district-run, charter, magnet, pilot or a Partnership school. We hope to work collaboratively with the entire LAUSD board and with other districts on this effort. Conversations with district officials have begun and are ongoing. We all share one goal– increasing student achievement – and will do what it takes to work together.