Teacher Retention


Teachers are the most important factor within a school and keeping great ones in the classroom has an immediate and profound effect on students and the community.

That’s why GPSN spent nearly $900,000 to fund programs that will help six educational organizations keep their best teachers in the classroom where they can help students reach their full potential.

About 150 teachers were identified as irreplaceable by their organizations based on data and feedback from students and families, and GPSN believes that with the proper support those educators will continue to make a profound and immediate impact on their communities.

The organizations or schools receiving grants:

  • Florence Nightingale Middle School BET magnet, which will offer funding for high-performing teachers to develop unique programs and innovative practices that will improve student academic achievement, as well as opportunities to pursue National Board Certification.
  • Bright Star Schools, which will give teachers up to four weeks of paid maternity or paternity leave, a child care subsidy, and on-campus fitness classes, and nutrition counseling.
  • Teach Plus, which will also create opportunities for teachers to run professional learning communities at their school sites, share experiences, and widen impact of their skills.
  • Aspire Public Schools, which will offer teachers up to a 15 sabbatical days to work on an education-related “Passion Project,” more professional development, and stipends for completing training.
  • Environmental Charter Schools, which will give high-performing teachers paid time away from the classroom to visit other school sites, receive coaching, and develop relationships with students and families.
  • PUC Charter Schools, which will provide more professional development and funds for teacher-selected grant opportunities for extra training and conferences.