Education Nonprofits Collectively Raising Funds to Support LA’s Most Vulnerable Families Affected by Coronavirus Pandemic

Great Public Schools Now matching funding, over $100,000 available for distribution

March 18, 2020 (Los Angeles,CA)- As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, it’s clear that among LA’s most vulnerable are our low-income and immigrant working families. School closures have left these families without childcare with many facing the difficult decision to miss work without pay to care for their children. Each passing day, these families continue to disproportionately bear additional dire impacts including the loss of work hours or shifts, and perhaps even their jobs. Many are without the necessary funds to pay for basic necessities such as food, rent and medical care and many more families will be in this position as the pandemic continues.

Supporting these families requires collective action. That’s why Great Public Schools Now (GPSN) and over 20 non-profit organizations collectively launched One Family LA, a fundraising effort to help LA's families and their children in this difficult time. Every dollar donated will go straight to families most economically impacted by Covid-19 to cover food, rent and medical care. GPSN  is collecting donations, working with community partners to disburse the funds directly to families and has committed to matching the first $48,000 raised.

The initiative was conceived on Saturday, March 14 and launched Monday, March 16. In the first two days, over $55,000 was raised from individual donations and with the GPSN match, over $100,000 is available for distribution to families. GPSN and its partners are collaborating with the California Community Foundation to roll-out the next phase of the launch, which includes finalizing the process for families to apply for assistance and the mechanism for disbursement. The immediate goal is to start disbursing funds as soon as possible.

“We saw an urgent need in the community and felt compelled to leverage our professional and social networks to do our part to provide some immediate relief to these families” said Dr. Ana F. Ponce, Great Public School Now’s executive director. “We hope this collective action inspires the public to support our efforts so we can assist as many families as possible during this pandemic. ” 

The growing list of individuals and organizations collectively fundraising for One Family LA can be found here

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