GPSN Executive Director Dr. Ana F. Ponce Statement on UTLA Demand for Charter School Moratorium and End of Proposition 39 Co-locations 

March 27, 2020 (Los Angeles, CA)- Great Public Schools Now encourages all leaders vested in the best interests of LA families and students to  focus our actions on directly assisting our families and students struggling to deal with the various COVID-19 mental, emotional, physical and economic impacts. It’s not the time for political agendas that distract and divide us. 

We can’t ignore the endless need that is increasing each day the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Too many families are worried about their financial stability as they deal with temporary and in some cases, permanent job loss.  Educational inequities continue to disproportionately impact low-income and immigrant families who are struggling to access educational lessons and resources online while simultaneously worrying about paying rent, buying groceries and affording other basic necessities. 

That is why Great Public Schools Now is part of the collective fundraising effort to support One Family LA, which is disbursing funding directly to families in need now. We also recognize and support other similar efforts like the Mayor’s Fund and the LAUSD Fund. Regardless of how people choose to engage, what matters now more than ever is each of us working together and not against each other to help our families in need. 

GPSN understands tensions and fears are high because of the uncertainties brought upon us by COVID-19 but let’s give LA families and students some stability by coming together on their behalf to make an impact where we can. Using an unprecedented crisis for political gain is detrimental to all. 

-Dr. Ana F. Ponce,

Executive Director, Great Public Schools Now