One Family LA Distributes Beats Headphones to Students Impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic

March 30, 2020 (Los Angeles,CA)- One Family LA is providing Beats headphones to students who have been struggling to study without access to schools, public libraries, or other quiet areas as a result of COVID-19 social distancing orders. The headsets will enable students to  better concentrate and access online lessons. 

During their outreach to families, One Family LA partner organizations identified a major challenge disproportionately impacting low-income students trying to learn at home because of school closures. Without a designated quiet place to study or headphones, the students have trouble concentrating because of noise and other distractions. Already living in small living spaces with large families, the cramping is further exacerbated by social distancing orders requiring most, if not all, family members to stay home. In sharing their needs, parents and students told One Family LA partner organizations that headphones could help block out noise and assist with concentration. 

After learning about One Family LA efforts to directly support families impacted by COVID-19 through funding of basic necessities such as school supplies to facilitate learning from home,  Los Angeles-based Beats donated a supply of headphones. The headphones will be directly distributed through One Family LA partner organizations to students this week. 

“We thank Beats for their generosity. These headphones will make a world of difference to students now able to continue their education during this difficult time,” said Dr. Ana F. Ponce, Great Public School Now’s executive director. “We know that families will continue to have many needs during this pandemic and One Family LA will continue to fundraise and disperse support directly to families as quickly as we can.”  

One Family LA was launched on March 16 by a group of over 20 Los Angeles nonprofit organizations to collectively fundraise to directly support families economically impacted by COVID-19. The list of One Family LA partner organizations can be found here.

Families who have benefitted from the headphone donation can be made available upon request.

For more information contact Jason Song at (213) 452-2804 or